Embroidery Business Software



Are you an embroidery business looking for some software solutions to the challenges you currently face?

Softworks offers some of the best and most popular software for embroidery businesses in the country. Our products are the best, because we have taken the time to understand our customers’ needs. We have worked with owners, leaders and managers in your industry, for years now, in order to grasp the ins and outs of your business practices. We have listened to industry leaders and used their valuable insights to shape and recreate the software we offer today. We are proud to say that our products have been instrumental in streamlining embroidery business management practices for years.

So, what’s stopping you from learning more about our products and packages?

Our embroidery business software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of apparel embroidery companies:

  • Size matrix for apparel items.
  • Store design and production variables including number of stitches, backing type, thumbnail images, hoop size and up to fifteen custom parameters.
  • Calculate prices based on your margins, volume discounts and embellishment pricing.
  • Track production by department or individual. Capture employee labor and calculate job costing.


Here are 3 of the most popular components or features of our embroidery business software packages:

Size Matrix

  Order entry size matrix means that you don’t have to enter each size on it’s own line. This makes data entry quicker and production forms easier to read.
Design and Production Variables

Store design and production information for every job you run. Information can be recalled in the future or used on future orders. Never “forget” how you ran a job again!

Pricing Control

Calculate prices based on formulae that you setup in the system. Adjust pricing based on quantities, margin and number of stitches. Setup tiered pricing to give your best customers more aggressive pricing.