OnSite Overview


OnSite is our flagship product and runs on your server and network…designed from the ground up to handle your entire business.

Built on the reliable FileMaker platform, OnSite is native Mac and PC compatible.

Some industry specific features are listed below. Click on an image to enlarge.
Size Matrix Unlike traditional accounting software, OnSite allows you to enter different sizes on a single line item. You define your matrix and have the option of turning the matrix on or off on each order.
Design & Artwork Management OnSite was designed to help you manage your ENTIRE production process…including designs and art. Store ink and thread colors, screen details, thumbnail images…and more. With our ProofStuff.com add-on you can even have your customers approve their artwork online.
Price Calculators Calculate prices based on quantity, stitch count or # of ink colors. OnSite uses industry standard pricing models for pricing apparel and promotional items.
Vendor Pricing No more manually entering vendor product. Download the latest pricing from San Mar, Broder, Bodek & Rhodes…just to name a few. Pricing not on our website? Send us the Excel file and we will prepare it for you.
Integration OnSite integrates seamlessly with industry leading programs like SAGE (promotional product sourcing) and InkSoft (build-a-shirt and fulfillment websites). Use the power of technology to minimize data entry!
Production Scheduling & Tracking OnSite is designed to be used on your production floor as much as your front-office. Dynamically schedule jobs based on your shop setup and production types. Store production details and recall them easily for future runs.

Are you tired of jumping between 3, 4 or even 5 software application to run your business? Mistakes on orders…double data entry…too much time to process transactions…sound familiar?

OnSite is designed with a different philosophy in mind…integration. Enter data once and use it throughout all of your business processes.